A Review of My Bloody Life


Xzavier Contreras

My Bloody Life: The Making of a Latin King

Xzavier Contreras, Journalist

You may not know the author, but his book is surely memorable. ‘My Bloody Life: The Making of a Latin King’ by Reymundo Sanchez, is an autobiography of the author’s early life. From birth to the age of 18, his life can be described as one tragedy to another, as the story has him going from being abused by his parents, to joining a street gang at a young age and making his first hit at the age of 14, the book is an insight on gang life in Chicago.


It details his venture from a boy who doesn’t belong, into a boy who’s willing to kill anyone that messes with his newfound family in the Latin Kings, a notorious gang in Chicago. 


From beginning to end, you feel bad as Sanchez’s life is horrible, as it may start with his stepfather beating him, to his own mother joining in on the abuse he endures. 


Zachi Harrison, a senior says,

“The level of detail is what gets me to read is, as there are moments where I’m in shock as he’s using drugs to cope, when the drugs make him turn into a different person.”

Zachi Harrison
Zachi Harrison

Ana Guzman, says 

“When I read it in high school, I kept reading it because it was a good book. It interested me to the fact that you can find the type of violence in movies, but this is a first hand experience of the gang life.” 


The life lived is tragic, as Sanchez details his homelessness after his family abandons him, having lived in hallways, and other homes of gang members, doing anything and almost everything to get by. 


Guzman goes on to say,

“I felt bad for the character, but never knew that this was an autobiography at the time of reading it. The book makes you feel bad for this kid, who is someone I personally wouldn’t like.”


Harrison says, 

“The ending of the book is a satisfying one to say. It’s not spectacular, it just let’s Sanchez tell us that he got out of the gang life, and never has to deal with it ever again.”


The author’s early life can easily be described as tragic, heartbreaking from time to time, but is intended to serve as a warning to those associated with gangs and gang violence.