Should Parking Passes Be Free?


Xzavier Contreras

Student Parking Lot

Xzavier Contreras, Journalist

At high school, driving to school is a privilege, but having to pay to park in the student parking lot at a high school seems irrational as going to a public school, you may assume that parking may be free as well as the education. While the school says they need the money, ERHS is a high level school, that utilizes technology more than most schools. 


Some people may see this different, Mark Durbin, a senior at ERHS says,

“The school just has too many people for the passes to be free. There isn’t enough parking spots for Roosevelt drivers, like I have a hard time getting out of the parking lot after school, and those are the people that paid.”

Mark Durbin
Mark Durbin

While some people may agree that paying for your parking pass secures a spot in the parking lot. The argument made about parking passes should be free, because it’s high school and we come here for free, so the logic is that we should be able to park for free as well. 


Romeo Garcia, a Senior at ERHS, says “This is a high level school and schools don’t have a STEM building or a high use of technology, $25 dollars is too much for a parking pass, some of us, like myself, don’t live in Eastvale, and have to drive everyday to and from school, so why should I have to pay for other stuff, when I’m not as wealthy as my peers.” 

Xzavier Contreras
Romeo Garcia

The idea of having free parking passes may be good for the people who, but for the amount of students that come to this school may be an issue, as many people that drive and come to the school, would fill the parking lot, and then there isn’t enough for each student. 


As Durbin puts it, 

“If parking passes were free, then they must be limited, and there must be a hard deadline when they run out.”


Garcia says,

“The only limit should be the amount of cars that fit in the parking lot if they were free. The passes in general, if I’m gonna pay for them to put a little sticker on my car, then it should be cheaper.”


To all the Mustangs out there reading, what is your opinion on parking passes? Should they be free? Should they be cheaper?