Artist Spotlight: 88 Rising


88 Rising Media promotion picture. PC: 88 Rising Media

Katie Taing

88 Rising is an American media company that gives platform to all types of Asian artists. First of its kind, 88 Rising is paving the way for Asian artists to be heard. Lacking in the music department is Asian voices, however 88 rising is changing that narrative. 88 Rising is giving a voice to the Asian community to show that music such as rap or pop isn’t out of reach for this community. Most notably, their label is known for artists such as Joji, Rich Brian, Niki, and many more. However, they not only produce music but they produce content on their youtube channel. On youtube, they do videos consisting of cooking videos, skits, and behind the scenes. 88 Rising is paving the way for Asians to realize that a career in arts is possible if you truly love your craft.

One of the most known artist from the 88 Rising label is Joji. With songs reaching the top 10 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 list, he has well made a name for himself. Joji got his start on youtube as a character known as Filthy Frank. His breakout album known as “Ballads 1” was released in 2018. Part of that album were songs such as “Yeah Right” and “Slow Dancing in the Dark” which really catapulted his success and put him on the charts. Joji is not the only person who is known from 88 Rising.

Female artist Niki is one of the most known artists of 88 rising. With songs such as “I like you”,”Lowkey”, and “Indigo” Niki has well reached success. Niki is paving the way for not only Asian artists, but female artists as well. Her many fans such as Amy Taing state, “I fell in love with Niki because she showed me that there is a possibility for me to pursue a career in singing.” Taing also states, “My favorite song of hers is Lowkey but the acoustic version.” With Niki’s platform she’s able to reach all types of audiences and be a catalyst for young women all over.

Student Abigail Parella searching up 88 Rising PC: Katie Taing


One of the most controversial artist of 88 Rising was formerly known as “Rich Chigga” is now known as Rich Brian. He began his start on youtube with music. Rich Brian was, at the time, most known for his controversial lyrics. Many people such as Brian Liu states, ” When he first came out with the song “Dat $tick”, I was kind of weary of continuing to listen to him.” However, he’s since moved pass that era and redefined himself as well as his content. Liu also states, ” But now, I feel he has tried to make things better. And how I listen to his music.” Brian is now known for his hit songs such as “History” and “100 Degrees.”

Overall, with many more artists, 88 Rising is paving the way for Asian artists to be heard in the music industry. Not only are they paving the way for Asian artists, but they are creating space in music genres that are untouched by other races.