Homecoming and Prom Proposals: Just Enough or Too Much?

Yesenia Collado

Picture of Nadias proposal  turned into a post by Yesenia Collado

Picture of Nadia’s proposal turned into a post by Yesenia Collado

Yesenia Collado, Journalist

There’s a thin line between enough and too much. Between doing something heartfelt and just doing it for the likes or views on a post. It’s adorable when someone takes the time to make a poster and get you some fancy $5-$10 flowers and your favorite snacks all equaling a total of about $20. Yes, I know it makes it seem so much less than what it is but it’s the harsh reality. I’m not saying it’s pointless because I’m not heartless, but it should be intimate and not just a post on social media. I understand the aspect of wanting to show your unconditional love towards someone although it tends to lose value after everyone begins to pull out their cellphone to post it all over social media.

In an interview with Nadia Salvia a senior, she was asked, How do you feel about doing a homecoming proposal?” It was something that I planned for quite a while and I was excited to do it for my boyfriend who means a lot to me so I wanted to do something special for him and I was really happy how it turned.” When asked, Do you think it loses the meaning behind the camera specifically when people pulled out their phones or were you intending for that to happen?”Honestly I was so in the moment that I didn’t realize when people pulled out their phones but when I was rewatching the video, that I asked my friend to make for me, I saw a lot of people pull out their phones, I thought it was really cute when people did it and I appreciated it.” When she was asked, Would you change anything if so how and why? And was it intimate for you? she said, “The only thing that I would’ve preferred was that I actually wanted to ask him during the rally but stuff kind of got in the way and I had to ask him afterward but the way that it turned out and how I asked him, plus his friends were all there, so I wouldn’t have changed anything and yeah I thought it was intimate.” She was asked If she thought these homecoming proposals are important or they’re not that important? to which she said, “I think it depends on the person because I don’t think you need a proposal to say anything about their relationship but it depends on the people.” Just to get her opinion she was asked whether prom proposals were more important and she said, “I wouldn’t say more important I would say people tend to ask during prom more so because prom is advertised more as like a couple to date dance whereas homecoming isn’t so maybe that’s why but I don’t think there’s any importance between either.” Her point of view really shined light on the aspect of it being another post which wasn’t her intention. I was there when Nadia did it and I thought at the moment it was quite adorable because she took time out of her day to do it but it seemed to lose meaning when everyone pulled out their phone. I guess I’m part of our modern world now because I got a video of it so you could see it.

In another interview with Kayla Lyon, a sophomore, was asked, Do you think since you did a Homecoming proposal that it’s just another post on social media? she responded, “I don’t think it’s just another post on social media if it’s personal like for example, I asked my friends to homecoming with the intention of being a good friend.” Before I could ask her another question after a long pause she said, “I can see the relationship between just doing it to draw attention since their’s some people who want people to post it on social media.” It seems that it depends on the situation.

The difference between homecoming and prom is that prom is more known and recognized, whereas homecoming is a little version of the prom. The fact that people make it seem more than what it’s meant to be makes it somewhat meaningless in a way. It’s the part specifically that many people have the intention of doing something “heartfelt and memorable” which could seem like it to others but sometimes it’s just for drawing attention. It makes it more intimate when it’s done alone rather than in a crowd which mostly neither prom nor homecoming proposals do. Although maybe its a good thing because its a new culture, a new tradition. Who knows, maybe homecoming and prom proposals will be the new norm of showing unconditional love or maybe it’s just another post on social media.