The Effects of Impeachment

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. PC:

Ezra Klein/

Katie Taing, Journalist

With the recent buzz of president Donald Trump’s impeachment, many are left to wonder what the outcome will be and how it will affect not only Trump but America as well.

Student Jason Isaac,12, looking up the effects of impeachment.

Impeachment is when the legislative body brings charges against a government official. As of late, Trump has been accused of withholding military aid to Ukraine, which has resulted in an investigation as to why he went to such measures. Reportedly, Trump took up a phone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, in which he requested an investigation relating to Joe Biden. Further, this phone call prompted the impeachment investigation.

The impeachment process consists of a few parts. In a broad stance, the House of Representatives must first pass the articles of impeachment which lay out the allegations against the government official being tried. Then the Senate investigates further, which then results in the government official being charged or not. If charged, it will result in removal from office. When a government official is removed from office, they are unable to hold a position in office in the future. The consequences of impeachment do not extend past removal from office for the official being tried. However, impeachment not only affects the government official being removed but it affects others in office, as well as the citizens.

After a president has been impeached, the next in line for the position is the vice president, in this instance, Mike Pence. However, if both the president and vice president are unable to hold office, then the presidency goes to the speaker of the House of Representatives, a post now held by Nancy Pelosi.

Although, this is a major shift in power if the president were to be removed from office, this also affects the citizens. Julia Cheng states, “Personally, I did not vote. However, I wouldn’t agree with some of the stances that Mike Pence has of certain issues.” This may be the case for many Americans. Cheng also states, “Although I don’t agree with Trump most times, I would rather have him stay in office.” Although Cheng is not an avid supporter of Trump, she does understand her position if Trump were to be impeached.

Freshman,Justin Isaac, watching a video about President Donald Trump

Differing from Cheng, Jenifer Quintania states, “I am a supporter of Trump and I did vote for him.” Quintania further stated, “I feel like my vote is kind of being thrown away, I do understand that what he did is a crime but I’m scared for the future.” Making a valid point, many Americans feel similar to Quintania.

Although the future of Trump’s presidency is uncertain, the effects of his impeachment would be uncanny. Regardless of one’s stance on him, we as Americans are all affected.