ERHS Stampede Club


Gracie Yang

Blue out football game

Brianne Leber, Journalist

Have you ever wanted a club dedicated to school spirit where you get the choice to be out in the crowd or working in the art department? Stampede club might be for you!

Gracie Yang
Blue out football game

Stampede club (often just called stampede) is a club dedicated to raising school spirit at games. They are often seen going to games to hype the crowd with cheers and general energy. They also have an unseen decorations crew dedicated to poster making and raising awareness. What many don’t know is that by joining one portion of the club, you are not obligated to join the other. This is special because if you don’t feel comfortable making posters you have the option to cheer and vice versa while still being part of the school spirit. Get in contact @erhs_stampede on Twitter or Instagram.

Anyone is invited to join Stampede. Kayla Singleton, a club member and Homecoming nominee, stressed to me that “…all grades are welcomed and there is something for everyone! so if you like getting hype and cheering with friends come join us in the student section at games and if you are artistic or creative and like making posters we’d love to have you at our meetings and poster making days.”

Justice Monge, president of Stampede Club, told me the best part of stampede is how it provided you “great memories that can’t be replaced.” I can’t help but agree. Games are places to bond with friends while having the single minded drive of Mustang pride. Meetings provide a calm place to listen to music and chat while letting your creative energies run free in poster creation after long days of mind numbing school work.

Stampede Club
Members at the football game

If you are interested, Stampede is a year round club so they can support all teams and events however they have irregular meetings. Meetings are announced on the Stampede Twitter and Instagram, @erhs_stampede.