Animation to Live-Action

Amanda Hollis, Journalist

Making popular animated movies into a live-action movie has become a recent trend. Movies such as “Dumbo”, “Jungle Book”, “Aladdin”, “The Lion King”, “Mulan”, and “Beauty and the Beast” have been made into live-action movies.

Disney has created most of the animation movies and is the one taking them and turning them into live-action movies. Disney made the most recent movie; Aladdin; which earned $543.6 billion in its first ten days. Making more live-action movies has brought in more and more money for Disney. As Disney makes more live-action movies the storytelling is updated to reflect modern life to expand the scope of the world in which the film is set.

As the movies are remade people view the changes as they watch one of their favorite movies become a live-action. Vanessa Gamez talks about her favorite animation movie that was turned into a live-action, “My favorite animation movie that was turned into a live-action was “The Lion King” because as a little girl I loved watching it with my mom and I have so many memories of us singing along with he movies whenever we watched it.” Elaborating on her favorite movies she talks about which one she liked better, the live-action or the animation. “I liked the animation movie better because I’m definitely a classic Disney person. You just can’t beat the original movie.”

Coming from a different movie Taylor McCall talks about “Aladdin” whether she liked the animation or the live-action, “I liked the live-action movie better because I enjoy the live version more than animation.” McCall also elaborates on what the differences were between the two movies, “There wasn’t much difference it was basically the same but again it was on of my favorite movies growing up so it was fun to watch it again in Live-action.”