Does Ruel’s New EP Rule?

Does Ruels New EP Rule?

Katie Taing

In an effort to expand my music taste as well as discover new up and coming artists, I came across an artist known as Ruel. Ruel is a sixteen year old Australian artist. Personally, I had not known who he was at all until I realized that I’ve heard his song “Not Thinkin’ Bout You.” previously. However, on September 13th, 2019, Ruel had released his EP. His new EP is known as “Free Time” which consists of seven songs. After listening to his EP, I can say I genuinely enjoyed it.

Although Ruel’s musical style is not my typical music taste, I was able to understand as well as pull emotion from his lyrics in each song. In my opinion, each song tells a different story. From, the feeling of discovering love to heart break to come backs, Ruel’s EP covers it all. Jessica Pham, a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, states, ” I had only heard about one of his songs that went viral, but now listening to his new EP I’m starting to become a fan.” For the same reasons Jessica became of fan go his music, I did too. Pham states, “I was able to relate to his lyrics, because I’ve had the same emotions he was singing about.” On the contrary, many may dislike his music.

Even though, I am becoming a fan of his music and think that his new EP is tasteful, many may disagree. Bethany Liu, a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, states, “I can see why people like his music but I just feel that it is targeted towards a younger audience.” Seeing Bethany’s point, Ruel is a younger artist. However, personally, I feel as though his lyrical content can relate to many. His songs can relate to people even beyond the teenage year spectrum. Although, Bethany also states, “It reminds me of what I would listen to in my middle school years.” I do see her point of view, I even see my middle school self listening to Ruel. However, I do believe that Ruel’s EP is able to hit all audiences.

Senior Jazmyn Andrews enjoying Ruel’s new EP “Free Time.”

Overall, Ruel’s album was a good discovery. I am glad that I found it. His lyrics are able to give off emotions that many audiences can relate to. I suggest listening to it.