American Climber dies climbing Mt. Everest


Abigial Parella, Staff writer

Altitude sickness is a rather common issue experience primarily by climbers when they reach a height where a persons oxygen intake becomes sporadic and low. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, vomiting, tiredness and trouble sleeping.

American climber, Don Cash, who had a dream of climbing the tallest mountain on each continent, died while climbing his final summit Mount Everest. Cash, an avid climber wished to join the ” Seven Summits Club”; while his children have said that he knew the climb could be dangerous he was determined to reach his goal, despite receiving injuries such as frostbite on previous climbs.

Brandalin Cash, his daughter had this to say, ” he taught us that nothing was impossible.”


While Cash did complete his climb to the top of the peak, he collapsed on the way down near a trail called Hillary Step. While the cause of Cash’s death is undetermined, the family speculates that he suffered a heart attack on the climb down. His mountain guide provided CPR in an attempt to him oxygen however, he died on while being transported back to camp.

The 55-year-old Utah resident is the 12th climber to die on mountain ranges above 25,000 feet this climbing season.