Xzavier Contreras, Writer

The Superman story is simple, a child from another planet comes to Earth, gains powers, and becomes the hero of the planet.

What if the story went the same, but instead of becoming the hero of Earth, he becomes something the people fear? This is the story for the film, Brightburn, directed by David Yarovesky, starring Jackson A. Dunn as Brandon Breyer the Superman like kid. Releasing today.

Russell Ruiz, a junior at ERHS, says, “From what I’ve seen, I think this film takes the idea of what if Superman came to Earth, but as a kid, becomes an evil.”

As it from what’s shown so far, the main character Brandon discovers his powers, but due to being bullied, lashes out in anger, turning him into the villain of the movie.

Ruiz also says, “I think that this is gonna be an interesting film because the main character is so overpowered, there is no way to stop him realistically.”

Unlike Superman, there seems to be no weakness to effect the main character, but instead of a physical weakness. It would make sense for the movie to attempt to have an emotional weakness, but most likely this may be a film where the villain accomplishes their goal and gets away with the crimes committed.