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What Is Hazbin Hotel?

   Hazbin Hotel is a animated T.V series that contains comedy, adult entertainment, and musicals. The show is said to be aired in late 2019; possibly around October or November. The main plot Hazbin Hotel is about the daughter of Lucifer named Charlie who pursues her dream on helping her people achieve redemption do to over population that Hell is going through; and because of this, it has lead to massive genocide. Charlie and her friend Vaggie decide to open a hotel that would help rehabilitate demons, and send the souls of the demons to Heaven. Unfortunately, no one in the 9 circles of Hell believes Charlie will achieve her impossible Goal. Soon is she introduced to the Alastor; also known as the Radio Demon.  He makes the decisions to help Charlie and Vaggie in their  goal to around the Hotel.

  Charlie, daughter of Lucifer, genuinely cares about the people of Hell, and wants to find a more humane way of dealing with its overpopulation. Moreover, unlike other characters, she hasn’t done anything horrible, despite ironically being born in Hell.

  Many of the demons in Hell are straight up animal-like creatures or have animal features to varying extents. To name a couple, there’s Sir Pentious, a demonic naga with multiple eyes all over his body, and Alastor, a deer demon with antlers and deer-like ears but is otherwise seemingly human-shaped.

  Hell is frequently engulfed by violent turf wars between territorial crime lords like Sir Pentious and Cherri Bomb, both of whom are villains in their own ways. Considering it’s Hell and nearly everyone is a damned sinner, every violent conflict between demons is technically an example of evil vs. evil. These conflicts are apparently commonplace enough for Katie and Tom to report it on the news in the same tone as you would a traffic backup or troublesome weather.

My brother Richard Roczey said, “I think Hazbin Hotel is an interesting T.V show. I’m not sure if I will like it. But, I give it a try.”

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