It: Chapter 2 Teaser

Robert Gonzales, Writer

Pennywise the Dancing Clown has returned to Derry, but will the Losers Club be strong enough to stop him this time around?

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first trailer for It: Chapter Two, the upcoming sequel to the highest-grossing horror movie of all time.

The latest update on the film has one cast member promising a record-breaking amount of blood to go along with the film’s killer clown.

It: Chapter Two focuses on the first film’s childhood friends, who return home as adults to again confront the supernatural killer Pennywise the Dancing Clown, who terrorized them years earlier. Warner Bros. Pictures showed off the first footage from the movie during Comic-Con International in July, and principal photography on the film ended, appropriately enough, on Halloween 2018.

So far, here’s everything we know about It: Chapter Two so far.

Release date: September 6, 2019

Cast: James McAvoy: Bill Denbrough, Jessica Chastain: Beverly Marsh, Bill Hader: Richie Tozier, Isaiah Mustafa: Mike Hanlon, Bill Skarsgard: Pennywise

(Along with bringing back the young cast from IT: Chapter One, the sequel will feature adult versions of those same characters. The actors portraying the adult members of “Losers Club” tormented by Pennywise the clown 27 years ago are listed above.)

Director: Andrés Muschietti

During a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in late February, Chastain revealed some gory facts about the upcoming film, and suggested it might be a record-breaker when it comes to the volume of blood appearing on the screen.

“Okay, I’m going to say something, and I think I’m going to be in trouble, but I’m going to do it,” said Chastain. “It might be a spoiler. But in the movie, there’s a scene that someone said on set that it’s the most blood that’s ever been in a horror film in a scene. And I’ll tell you, the next day I was like pulling blood out of my eyeballs. Fake blood.” Needless to say, It: Chapter Two will have a tough time beating the likes of The ShiningCarrieand Dead Alive for that record, so we’ll have to wait and see if Chastain’s assessment holds true.

As far as the story goes, set 27 years after the events of the original film, It: Chapter Two follows the adult members of the “Losers Club,” who were introduced as children in the first film, as they return to Derry, Maine, to confront Pennywise the Clown for a second, and hopefully final, time.

Although the next movie will take place in the present day, the younger versions of the characters will still be an important part of the story. The film will also retain one of the weirder elements from its source material, a scene from the story’s finale involving something called “the ritual of Chud.”

In King’s novel, the adult Losers Club battles Pennywise by performing an elaborate ritual involving surreal imagery, metaphysical concepts, and even the telling of jokes. While it’s uncertain what form this scene will take in the movie, screenwriter Gary Dauberman confirmed that the ritual is indeed Chapter Two.

(The studio released a full cast photo of the seven adult characters during a script read through shortly after cameras began rolling.)

Senior, Justin Mercado, was pretty pumped about the upcoming movie saying, “I’m definitely gonna see the movie, I think my biggest question is how did Pennywise survive the first movie?”

Overall, It: Chapter Two has big, one might even say clown sized, shoes to fill when it hits theaters in September.