Rainbow Kitten Surprise – New Music

Rainbow Kitten Surprise - New Music

Noelle Rose Hardin, staff writer

As I was scrolling through my youtube feed at 9 PM, as one does on a school night, and saw a wonderful little video on my suggested that had been posted just a minute prior. A video from a channel that I definitely had notifications on for, but whatever YouTube.

My favorite band posted a video to a song they just released, unbeknownst to me, and I was ecstatic. But upon further inspection, it was the b-sides edition of a four-song album released in 2013. This album doesn’t exist on Spotify and then suddenly the b-sides show-up? I’m here for it.


As much as I would love to give an in-depth analysis of this song, I wouldn’t do it justice. RKS tells a story of love and loss and within its lyrics we hear parallels to their song featured on Seven + Mary called “Hey Pretty Momma” which are the same opening lyrics to “Heart.” In “Hey Pretty Momma” those exact lyrics are sung from the perspective of someone else, which could possibly tie into “Heart” with that subject also being in “Hey Pretty Momma”

The best lyric: “Don’t you ever say anything you don’t mean
Like you love me”

No Vacancy

This song has references to “Heart” in its chorus which talk about the truth behind the words “love” and whether or not people mean them. A heavy theme throughout this EP is the metaphorical death of a friend. In “Heart” it appears to be a more physical death as opposed to a figurative one, but “No Vacancy” clarifies this death as it happened within his heart.

The best lyric: “I guess I meant it when I said I never loved you
But I never meant for it to hurt this bad”