The Joker Movie

Xzavier Contreras, Writer

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With Batman, there has been one villain in his rogues gallery that has been a mainstay, the Joker has been an iconic nemesis to Batman for many years.

This year, a new DC film has been announced, the Joker is getting his own movie giving an original take on the maniacal jokester. There is no known origin of the Joker in comics, so the movie will have an original origin story.

The movie stars Joaquin Pheonix as the title character. The movie aims for the audience to be the protagonist, changing the way you’d usually see him. The film is attempting to make the Joker more sympathetic, giving a reason for his magical behavior.

Zaki Harrison, a Junior, says, “At first when they announced that they’d be making a Joker movie, I thought it’d be bad. Mostly due to Suicide Squad, but now I’m thinking it could be good if they do it right.”

Set in 1981, Pheonix plays Arthur Flek, a failed comedian, who in the film is disregarded by society, slowly turning into the Joker throughout the film. As with many films before, you’d see the Joker as someone who’s insane without a purpose, but giving a mysterious feel to the character. This film is attempting to give its own version of that character, giving reason to his insanity.  Harrison also states, “I think the movie looks interesting, as there hasn’t been an origin for the Joker in movies.”

The film is set to release in October 4, 2019 while the movie aims to show the Joker as the protagonist, the movie gives off a chilling feel, with the title character being described as creepy. Due to the character starting as a loner only to later be the city’s most dangerous man.