Plus-Size Model Sparks Outrage Among the People

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Plus-Size Model Sparks Outrage Among the People

Cher Wang, Writer

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Gillette, a well-known razor company that involves making razors for both men and women, are receiving criticisms by the people for putting a plus-size model in their future commercial. In recent years, we have seen the concern for body image arise. We have seen singers such as Demi Lovato who, back in early 2018, have come out to the public that she is fine being the way she is. She doesn’t want to adhere to the norms that we have put on ourselves. We have seen so many models and actors that are adequately fit, however, we have never seen much of the plus-sized bodies emphasized in media. There are such shows as The Biggest Loser that help people get back into shape and yet, nowadays, we don’t see it much often.

And so, that is why people are concerned with Gillette’s approach. First of all, Gillette is releasing this commercial, according to CBS, to represent “beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and skin types because ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown.” They chose the plus-sized model, Anna O’ Brien, as their representative of the wider perspective so no one is excluded.

“It’s cool,” Audrey Wilfong, a senior from ERHS says. “I believe that the media needs to start representing more body types to properly reflect our society.”

However, Twitter had exploded because of this situation.

Many have been offended by Gillette Venus’s post, however, O’ Brien told her opinion of Gillette’s approach on Good Morning America.

“If you look at my image, it’s joyful. It’s happy. It’s inspired. I’m living a great life. But for a lot of people, all they can see is fat. At the end of the day, bodies are bodies. There are so many different types of them. And that’s all this is about. … Let’s start showing them as they are.”-Anna O’ Brien on Good Morning America

O’ Brien does not see this commercial as some type of way to promote obesity but a way to tell others that even though she is in her own body, she will own it with the best she’s got. There’s no need to be ashamed of your body type. We all strive to be better in some way, and Anna is already doing that with this commercial with Gillette. We can change the world by accepting the way we are and what we can do about it.