Color Guard Pep-Rally Performance Recap

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Color Guard Pep-Rally Performance Recap

Alyssa White and Nayeli Rubio

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It’s no secret that the Varsity Color Guard team of ERHS are a truly talented bunch. Their mesmerizing performances never fail to impress, making them a highlight of every pep rally they perform at here at ERHS.

They performed three times this past Monday at the last pep-rally of the 2018-2019 school year, and they finished off with a bang. Their performance piece was an outer space theme and there was much attention to detail in their decor. The Varsity team dressed in astronaut tight suits and their floor mat was decorated with stars and other outer space scenery. The show itself was magnificent as it always is and it reflected how hard Varsity Color Guard has been working this season.

I spoke with Tristin Castro, Varsity co-captain, about how she felt their performance was as whole and she says,

As a group, those were some of our best runs. We’ve been trying to have a drop-less show all season and that happened. Therefore, the third rally was the best for us.

By a “drop-less show,” Castro means that the team was aiming to have a show in which no one drops a flag, saber or rifle, which is a very difficult feat. This is an impressive accomplishment for the team.

I followed up asking how the season has been thus far and Castro responded saying,

The season has been very long and a lot of hard work, but we really surprised ourselves with how capable we are. We went up three divisions from last year into the second most competitive [division].

I also spoke to Jessica Sofian, Varsity co-captain, about how she felt about the preparation for the performances in the pep-rally and she says that the team “had competed [this past] Saturday, so [they] were more than prepared for the rally because normally, [they] practice for 21 hours a week.”

The team will continue to practice as they prepare to compete for their championship. Sofian continued in saying, “I’m already proud of how far the team has gone this season, so no matter where we place during champs, we know that we’ve done better than any season prior, because of how many divisions we jumped and how hard we’ve worked.”

Varsity Color Guard has been steadily improving through constant practice, and our Mustangs will be cheering them on as they go further as a team, all the way to their championships.

If you missed the pep-rally you’ll just have to wait until next year when the ERHS Color Guard team performs again!