Los Angeles Angels $430M Deal

(Elaine Thompson / Associated Press)

Andrew Mendoza, Writer

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Rob Tringali / Getty Images file
Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels looks on during a game at Citi Field in New York on May 21, 2017.

The Los Angeles Angels have released a $430 million deal for 12 years with Center Fielder, Mike Trout. This beats the Philadelphia Phillies $330 million deal for Bryce Harper as the highest paid MLB player of all time.

Trout, who averaged 147 hits and 101 runs last season, will be a key player for the Angels who have lost chances to go to the playoffs because of  their overall record throughout the regular season. With Trout staying, the Angels can focus on getting better pitchers and infielders so their chances of making it to playoffs can increase from previous seasons.

Some people, like Hayden Poe, believe that Trout deserves this deal and that the Angels have made a great investment towards the future of their club. Poe said,”I think that with the talent that he possesses, he is very deserving of this deal.”

Poe also mentioned, how the Angels can focus on getting other positional players for the season. He states,”Now, the Angels can have a chance of making a solid team with Trout staying on the team. They[Angels] don’t have to worry about Trout leaving which gives them time to scout for other players that can benefit the team.”

Hayden Poe