Coachella 2019 Preview


Billy Farrell


Rylie West

On January 4th, 2019, Coachella tickets went on sale. Coachella is a music festival in Indio, California that is highly attended. Tickets start at $429 per person, and that does not include hotel or overnight prices.

This year, the two weekends for Coachella are April 12th-14th and April 19th-21st. The headliners this year include Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, and Ariana Grande. Headliners will perform at the prime time of day, on the main stage. On Friday, along with Childish Gambino’s performance Janelle Monae, The 1975, DJ Snaake, Diplo, and many others will be performing. On Saturday Kid Chudi, Aphex Twin, J Balvin, and Billie Eilish will be performing along with Tame Impala. Finally, on Sunday YG, Playboi Carti, Bad Bunny, Pusha T, and many others will be performing including Ariana Grande.

Coachella Lineup 2019

Not only are the performances the reason why Coachella is heavily attended, but the style also draws many people in. At Coachella many people take Bohemian looks, which is one of the main reasons Coachella is different than other festivals. Not only do regular people go to Coachella but there are VIP passes that famous people other than performers can buy.

Vanessa Hudgens “Queen of Coachella”

I asked three of our fellow Mustangs if they have ever been to Coachella and if they are interested on attending, if they believe it is over priced, and what headliner in 2019 would they like to see, here are their responses:

Sophomore, Alyssa Watson: “I’ve never been but I have always wanted to go. The headliner I would want to see is Ariana Grande because ‘thank you, next’. I do not think it is over priced because they have some really good performances this year, including YG, Ariana Grande, I just think it’s worth the price.”

Junior, Madison Thompson: “I have not been but I have wanted to go. I would want to see Ariana Grande because I saw her in 2014 and I would want to see her again. I don’t think it’s over priced because it’s worth the money and a lot of stuff happens.”

Junior Alyssa Arog: “I haven’t been yet either but I do want to go. I would definitely want to see Childish Gambino because he is an artist that is really slept on and not many people talk about him. It is not over priced because of all the good artist. You are basically going to a whole bunch of concerts.”