Team Spotlight: ERHS Girls Varsity Lacrosse

The ERHS lacrosse logo is pictured above.

ERHS Lacrosse

The ERHS lacrosse logo is pictured above.

Nayeli Rubio, Writer

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The spring season for our girls lacrosse team has just started, and the players are excited for what it will bring.

Despite having faced losses for their first two games, the team has plenty of time to improve their scores. Gabrielle Leal, a senior and athlete on the lacrosse team, stated that “winning isn’t where our focus is at right now,” instead focusing on “our performances on the field as a team and working towards the type of team we aspire to be.”

Nayeli Rubio
Gabrielle Leal loves the adrenaline she gets from ‘running on the field and getting in on the action of the play.”

The type of team that is, according to Leal, is a team with “a lot of young players that will  continue to grow and build the program.” The team is also striving “to make some more goals” this season. Since the team is relatively new to ERHS, they have a lot of growing to do and hope to expand their program.

As for Leal personally, she wants the team to work on morale and “make sure that we [the team] remember how important it is to work together and remain positive.” She enjoys lacrosse because it’s “anybody’s game.”

On behalf of The Roosevelt Review, we wish good luck to the team this  season! Come and support the team at their next game on Monday, March 18 at Centennial High School in Corona.