The Jonas Brothers are ‘Burnin Up’ a comeback!

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The Jonas Brothers are ‘Burnin Up’ a comeback!

Katerina Avitia, Writer

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It’s happening, the Jonas Brothers are back!

After a 5 year break, the boys have announced a comeback to the world. Rumors began to arise in early January when the brothers were seen together looking as though they were having a serious discussion. Earlier this month, they were seen at the Beverley Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, CA preparing for their big announcement.

One of the former musicians, Ryan Liestman, posted a photo of the boys on Instagram captioning it  “Family Reunion” causing the internet to go wild.

Nick Jonas, 26, was quick to deny this and stated,” We hung out for a weekend all together and I guess our Instagram was restarted”, he told E news. He also stated, “Right now there’s no reunion planned. But never say never – you never know whats going to happen.”

The band decided to split in 2013 to focus on their family. Kevin Jonas had explained that they were going to choose family because it was becoming toxic.

Since the time of their split, the boys’ lives have changed massively, where Nick and Joe pursued careers in pop music. Nick also managed to find the love of his life, Priyanka Chopra, who recently walked down the isle to our favorite heart throb. Image result for the jonas brothers