Ariana Grande’s New Album

Ariana Grandes New Album

Rylie West, Writer

On Thursday February 7th, Ariana Grande tweeted and posted that her album “thank u, next” is now available for streaming! The album was released on Spotify, but fans immediately informed Ariana that her album was not on Apple Music, but fortunately Ariana’s album was available to stream on Apple Music. Her album was highly anticipated, considering the song “thank u, next” broke history for the most watched YouTube video in the shortest amount of time.

The album consists of 12 songs: “imagine, needy, NASA, bloodline, fake smile, bad idea, make up, ghostin, in my head, 7 rings, thank u,next, and break up with your girlfriend, im bored“. The album is made up of pop songs, and is unique because all the songs, except “NASA” are all in lower case letters. Not long after releasing the album, Ariana’s song “Needy” from the album reached  #1 on US Apple Music while two other songs from the album “thank you, next” and “7 rings” also made top 20 on the chart.

On Billboard Hot 100 chart, Ariana’s song “7 rings” stayed number one for three weeks. The Roosevelt Review asked, Junior Madison Brown what she thought about Ariana’s new album, if it met her expectations, and how it is different from her other music and here is what she had to say.

She responded, “Yes I have listened to Ariana grande’s new album. It’s alright, I’m not a big fan of very poppy music. But I’m a big fan of Ariana so I’m somewhat biased. I like Ariana’s soulful, slower music. It didn’t meet my expectations, I expected a soulful album focused on liberation and embracing the divine feminine.”

Madison Brown
Ariana’ Twitter