Coversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tape

Coversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tape

Audrey Simanton, Staff Writer

Netflix is presenting a four part documentary series featuring audio conversations with Ted Bundy; the infamous serial killer now behind bars, as it gives a walk through of his horrendous crimes. The show allows people to have an understanding of who Ted Bundy was as a person and as a serial killer. During the 1970s, Bundy assaulted and murdered numerous young women. In the series, it shows Bundy confessing to more than 30 murders. Throughout the series, he provides shocking revelations, and described his serial killer habits as bringing “fulfillment” into his life.  In the 1970s, the term “serial killer” was not a common term, but the Ted Bundy crimes ushered in a whole new meaning to the idea.

In episode 1, season 1 you watch the show expecting it to be like every other “murder series” but Ted Bundy is absolutely chilling and the addictive nature of the show encourages you to watch more. Ted Bundy puts on this persona as a normal, well rounded, educated individual who went to law school. In the Ted Bundy tapes, many details about who Ted Bundy was gets released. When watching the show, personally I loved every aspect of it, as it’s so entertaining and gives you a sense of mystery . This series should definitely be a Netflix hit of 2019 and a must see for murder show junkies.

Going around campus and asking people about the show, I got many mixed reactions. Some people thought I was crazy for even watching a show like that but some fellow mustangs felt comfortable sharing their opinion with me. Hunter Buhrman, a senior expressed his love for the show, “This show is absolutely amazing and worth watching if you love shows that keep you occupied for hours on end.” I asked another fellow mustang Junior Isaiah Hernandez, he said “The show honestly creeped me out at first, but over time as I kept watching it I got so into it that it was hard to stop watching.”


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