New Series “Umbrella Academy” Coming to Netflix

Xzavier Contreras, Staff Writer

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As we enter into the month of February, there’s a new array of shows coming to Netflix. This month on February 15, Netflix will be releasing a new series, Umbrella Academy,  based on the graphic novel published by Dark Horse Comics.

The plot of the graphic novel tells a story of an alien with special abilities to detect newborns,  coming to Earth and opening up a school and raising the children to save them from threats. Easily comparable to the X-Men, the Umbrella Academy has a more twisted version on it.

Asking some Mustangs about the show itself, junior Dominic Cantrell, had this to say:

“First I’m drawn in by the action and in the in coming apocalypse makes it more compelling to watch and be more drawn in by the show.”

Another junior, David Rocha, had this to say: “First what I saw in the trailer, the thing that stood out to me and got me interested was when the Umbrella Academy is trying to save the world, the topic of superheroes is very interesting to me.”

“I would expect the show to have the same story as in the comic book but have some scenes that are more dramatized and have more action.”

The show is dropping on Netflix February 15, and based off of popular opinion, it’ll be very interesting to see how  well it’s adapted to the big screen. Check it out, Mustangs!