Debate Friday’s: Controversial Topics in a Controlled Environment


Noelle Rose Hardin

Debate Topic Form posted outside of Mr. Pourchot’s classroom.

Noelle Rose Hardin, Staff Writer

“Debate Friday’s”  began first semester by one of our three AP Government teachers, Mr. Pourchot. They began as a way for students to debate seemingly controversial topics such as kneeling during the national anthem, white student unions and immigration.

These office hour debates give students the perfect chance to voice their opinions with other students who may or may not agree. As a politically diverse school, many different points of views are represented in these open discussions. Though it’s hosted by an AP teacher, all students are welcomed from all grades and backgrounds.

“I came up with the idea last year and we tried to implement it every Friday in class but with so much to teach it was difficult.” Mr. Pourchot states.  He continues by stating that, “I think students should be able to express their opinions with the opportunity to become exposed to other opinions.”

As we get older we become more and more politically active but our schedules don’t always allow us to take AP classes or attend rallies. What better way to engage in political debates than in a controlled environment with your peers?

At public forums, rallies and townhalls things can get out of hands with emotions high, but in a classroom setting there is an adult who can take charge of things. Students have a chance to make their voice heard and try to support their views on such a wide variety of topics.