Angry French Citizens Protest Over Unstable Economy

Alyssa White

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Paris, France is in a state of unrest. Violent riots plague the streets and the citizens are angry about recent taxes and price increases. Recent taxes on diesel fuel sparked tensions and snowballed after they were initiated. The taxes were a major part in French President, Emmanuel Macron’s plan to reduce climate change, regarding the fact that the majority of citizens in rural areas utilize their vehicles to transport themselves to and from work. This resulted in upset citizens blocking roads and highways in protest and to express their disagreement. The taxes where not the main and only reason why the people of France decided to protest. Their main concern is of the economic travesty as a whole, the diesel taxes where the last straw.


Now, angry citizens have created a label for themselves, all 282,000 of them plus another 160,000. They have created neon yellow vests, like the safety vests grocery workers wear, that symbolize their togetherness against their government.

One protester even said that they were “prepared to spend Christmas protesting.” Proving that the riots will take some time before they dwindle, probably not until after citizens feel secure within their economy.

Chicago Tribune

Susie White

Common travelers are also feeling a bit shaken up at the news of the riots held in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Susie White already has her tickets booked for her European trip she plans to take this upcoming summer with her daughter. “Let the riots happen now,” White says, “Not while we’re there… hopefully the conflict will be long gone by then.”

BBC News even announced that tourist sights will be closed down due to the fear and danger that come from the radical protesters, such as the Louvre and Orsay museums, opera houses and the Grand Palais. The closing of these museums may also be a side effect of the destruction of Arc de Triomphe. Protesters took their anger out on the historical monument and tagged it with graffiti. Approximately 412 activists were arrested and over 100 citizens were injured.

Protesters hope that with their drastic measures, they can make change happen and reach a compromise with their government and their once beloved President.