Amazon Splits Headquarters

Amazons Emblem

Amazon’s Emblem

Rylie West, Writer

On Tuesday, November 13, Amazon announced that instead of having just one headquarters, they will split and have two locations. The two locations are in New York City, and in Virginia. Amazon was said to have been looking to split headquarters for about a year, but it was never brought to the attention of the public until a few days earlier.

Splitting headquarters will allow Amazon to create over 25,000 jobs for each location which will then add onto their already existing 566,000 jobs they provide. In a released statement, Amazon said, “We can recruit more talent by having two locations”. With adding more locations, problems will occur. In Seattle Amazon has a headquarter that provides jobs, and because of that, areas near the headquarters have increased prices in things such as rent. So, adding these headquarters will affect the cities they are in, Arlington, Virginia and Queens, New York City. I asked our ERHS students what they thought about Amazon’s newest announcement and if they think it will help.

Amazon’s Headquarters

Questions: Have you heard of Amazon’s distribution of headquarters? If so, do you think this will help them? If you haven’t heard about it, Amazon has split its headquarters between two locations instead of just one, which will help to create 50,000 jobs and more availability to recruit more talent yet problems with the cities nearing the headquarters such as higher rent may occur, do you think this is a positive or negative and why or why not? Why do you think they didn’t split and make a headquarter in California? Would you ever work for amazon?

Lauren Torres a Junior said, “Yes, briefly. Yes I do, best interests for our economy. I think it’s a positive, but everything has good and bad but I think the good in this situation really knocks out the bad, we all want our economy to grow and in order for that to happen change had to occur and amazon took charge by adding new jobs and opportunities for many helping amazon explore and expand with the creative new employees and although the prices will raise or money value will go up we will be able to grow and hopefully fix the money issue later. I feel like California is pretty set in stone with their economy and establishing other growing and flourishing businesses in other states and cities will just better overall the U.S. so we aren’t just focused on CALI. I personally wouldn’t work for amazon but I did encourage the growth and change they’re making to better our individuals lives and community as a whole.”