Book Review: Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

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Book Review: Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

Caden Serros-Stanford, Author

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Sharp Objects Mini-Series adaptation, by HBO

“Sharp Objects,” at its core, is an almost self-contradictory book. The story follows a journalist on a lead back to her hometown, and she unravels things there that irrevocably change her. Its inherently a depressing story, but it’s well written and the quality is top tier.

The book has been turned into a critically acclaimed mini series as well, and the novel has received good ratings. “I liked the twists and turns, as well as the suspense.” says Eastvale Resident Melinda Sue, when asked on what she liked of the book “I loved the intrigue.”

The book certainly does have twists and turns, and it kept me going. I had to stay up to finish the book, I was so taken in. It does a good job slowly building up interest through small leaks of the protagonist’s past, and the past of the town.

However, as Sue noted, it is a “Mature Audience” book in more ways than one, so take care if you don’t like more sensitive material.

Overall, the book is very fine, and it made me feel effects even days after reading, so it gets props from me for that.

My rating? A solid 9/10, for being a good book with memorable characters and an unexpected ending.