Suspicious Package in Pasadena Causes Evacuation


KPCC Studios, Pasadena

Rylie West, Writer

On Monday, October 29, a package was delivered near the KPCC Southern California Public Radio studio in Pasadena. The package was put under a U-Haul delivery truck. Pasadena’s firefighters, police officers, and even bomb squad came to the scene to evaluate the package. The package was tapped to the truck and was said to be made to look like an explosive, although it didn’t end up exploding. Not only were KPCC studios evacuated but many other studios along Raymond Avenue were evacuated. The U-Haul truck was left abandoned and authorities questioned the U-Haul employees.

Despite it being a false alarm, we went around to ask our Roosevelt students what they knew about the package and evacuation.

Semaj Howell a junior here on campus said, “No I didn’t know that happened.” When asked what they would’ve done if they were in similar situation he said, “I would not have evacuated, what could it possibly be? I would need to know what is inside the package before I run and hide.”

Amber Jerome, also a junior here on campus, made a comment regarding the situation. Her response was very similar to Semaj’s, because she did not hear about the situation nor did she say she would evacuate the premises.

Semaj Howell
Amber Jerome