Scary Movies for the Season!

Scary Movies

Caden Serros-Stanford, Author

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Hey, it may be November already, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Scary movies and media in general are still everywhere, and it’s not too late to indulge in them! As scary movies are still in theaters, and many are picking up classics for the season. This week, The Roosevelt Review went out to ask the crowds: What’s the best or worst scary movie you’ve seen lately?

First up is “Halloween”:  a reboot of the 1978 version that was just released last month. Many people saw it, and had a good opinion of it. “Really good movie,” says student Caeser Bricene, “Liked it, 8/10,” says another student, Brian Bunch. Overall, the movie received positive  reception and many more had great opinions on the subject.

Another significant movie is the 1978 version of “Halloween,” which another student, Ethan Gomez, said was “Very spooky, but the production quality was just okay.” Others had an opinion on another part of the series, “Halloween H20,” which students Airran Livesay and a friend of his said was “The worst Halloween ever.”

While nobody had a significant opinion on other movies this season, there’s been positive thoughts on other films, such as “The Nun,” from other individuals this season.

Overall, it seems like this has been a good season for scary movies of all sorts, and many people are enjoying them.