Joji New Album: BALLADS 1

Joji New Album: BALLADS 1

Noelle Rose Hardin, Writer

The Japanese-American artist Joji (born George Miller) released his first full album titled “BALLADS 1” on the 26th of October, 2018. The highly anticipated album included twelve tracks, four of which were seen in his album sample “TEST DRIVE.” Several music videos have also dropped in accompaniment to the latest album. One of the music videos, “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” has nearly 25.5 million views on YouTube and a message hidden that takes several rounds watching to uncover.

Noelle Hardin
BALLADS 1 track list

This new album is not Joji’s only released music, in fact, he began writing an album titled “Chloe Burbank” in 2015 but it was never fully released to the public. Fans were only able to listen to “Thom” and “you suck charlie” as it was assumed that the intended debut album would never be finished. Still, fans were given an EP on Valentine’s Day of 2018 titled “Tongues” in which Joji included the song “Will He” which had been featured on the global version of Spotify’s Viral Chart until the EP was released in its entirety.

An anonymous student on campus was asked what song they listen to the most from the new album and they said: “I definitely listen to ‘R.I.P’ the most, it has a good tempo and I connect with the lyrics.” The song mentioned is about a love so strong you would do anything for that person, even sacrifice your life for theirs. Love is not an uncommon theme in Joji’s music, in fact, it laces almost every song he’s released under this moniker.

The same anonymous student first heard Joji’s song “Will He” while his “friend was playing it and [he] didn’t recognize it was” Joji.