Cardi B’s Song “Money” Released or Leaked?

Left: Ryan Victorio Right: Thomas Ferrer

Left: Ryan Victorio Right: Thomas Ferrer

Rylie West, Writer

Cardi B, a famous female rapper, was said to release her new song “Money” on Thursday October 26th. She posted on her Instagram “iamcardib”, on October 22nd “MY SINGLE ‘MONEY’ will be out on THRUSDAY 12:30pm”, yet the next day, October 23rd she stated “MY SINGLE MONEY IS OUT NOW ON ALL STREAMING SERVICIES!”

With over 39 thousand comments, Cardi received positive and negative responses. DJ Kahaled, a well-known music producer in the industry responded with a positive comment while others, called “Barbs” by Cardi’s fans, left negative comments.

“Barbs” is the name used to describe Nicki Minaj’s fans. Cardi B as well as her fans call Minaj’s fans “Barbs” and Cardi blamed the “Barbs” for the leak of her single.

Aside from the leak of the single, “Money”, since October 23rd her audio on YouTube has received 11 million views, with over 400 thousand likes and over 50 thousand comments. I asked two ERHS students if they have listened to the new song and what they thought of it.

Thomas Ferrer, a junior here on campus stated, “Yes, I listened to it recently and it got my attention. It was something different and I thought it was pretty good.”

Ryan Victorio also a junior, told me, “Yes, the song was pretty good, but I was expecting a bigger beat drop in the beginning.”

Cardi B since releasing her song has continued to post positive responses from her fans on top of her negative response to the so called, “Barbs”.

Cardi B’s YouTube Audio