The Disaster… Drill

The Disaster... Drill

Rylie West, Writer

At 9:21 on Thursday, October 18th, an announcement came on, instructing everyone to duck, cover and hold because ERHS was experiencing a large earthquake. It was stated that it was a drill, but instructions were still required to be followed.

Two minutes of ducking for protection took place before the announcement was made that it was safe enough to evacuate.

9:27, evacuation to the football stadium began.

Around 9:35, students began to huddle into the stadium and sat down on the field.

Jason Tabuena, an ERHS junior, said, “I feel like the drill is necessary because you can never be too prepared for natural disaster.” I asked him how he felt about holding up his class sign and he said,”  I feel like I have an important role if a student is lost and belongs to our classroom they know where to go.” I finished by asking him, “If a real earthquake happened would everyone follow this? and he replied, ” No because last year in the actual fire (not a drill) everyone was in a panic. And did not follow school regulation and rules. We lost Ricky and I held up the sign and we found him, I saved a life today.”

Ms. Fisher an APES teacher here on campus brought a chair for comfort.

At 10:06 the drill ended and all students were informed to go to their third period. ERHS carried on almost as if it was a normal day.