Homecoming Dance Recap

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Homecoming Dance Recap

Cher Wang, Writer

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On Saturday, October 13, Eleanor Roosevelt hosted their annual homecoming dance. It had taken the summer to plan this event and now, it was time to host approximately 1300 people in this homecoming dance. As time was reaching 7 o’ clock, I arrived at our annual homecoming which was Harry Potter themed.

The previous years the waiting line was long and took up to 40 minutes to an hour but this time, the wait was just half of the previous homecoming we had. This homecoming entry was separated into boys and girls line which reduced the waiting line and according to the junior vice-president of ASB Michael Roman, “it was easier to give different procedures when checked in by security” since we could not bring bags or purses into the event.

Michael Roman, Vice-president of ASB

As we got in, the first thing we saw were the murals of our Homecoming Hogwarts theme, the concession stand and the tattoo station in which it was henna. The first hour of the event were mostly inside which the room was heated and many people that walked out were really red in the cheeks just to get some air.

As as we visited each booth, we took a chance to interview and take pictures of many of the people who enjoyed homecoming or wanted to come together with their friends. During the interviews, we asked some questions about Saturday’s homecoming and how they felt about homecoming.

Paul Fitzgerald, a sophomore at ERHS said that homecoming was “very loud and a lot of energy” and had a diversity of things

Paul Fitzgerald, a sophomore at ERHS

to do at the event but the noise “was too loud” and he won’t go to homecoming again but he will go to the upcoming dances that our school will host over the year.

Queena Tsang, a junior who did not want her picture taken, however, was not happy.

“It’s okay, I guess,” she says, “I mean the photobooth was good but the music playlist was not so good. If I went to another homecoming, I would go if they changed DJs.”

I guess homecoming can differ with people’s palates but ASB will continue to improve the quality of their events and encourage everyone to give feedback on how they want their events.

We asked Michael Roman once again about what to anticipate for towards the rest of the year and he said, “For the Winter formal, we will hold it at the Riverside Municipal Center and prom will be held at the California Science Center. Of course, we can’t say the theme would be but look forward to it and have fun.”

See below for the pictures. One will be for the activities, one will be one will be for the event, and one for the people that got their pictures from the courtesy of LJ Lau, a fellow senior who accompanied me to the homecoming to take pictures! There will also be a separate one for the staff that helped make this 2018 homecoming dance successful.