Ella Mai and Jacquees Dispute Over “Quemix”


Madison Brown

Rylie West, Writer

On Tuesday, September 25, Jacques, a well known R&B and Soul artist, had to take down his remix of Ella Mai’s single called “Trip”. Jacquees received an outrageous amount of positive responses through social medias such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat after releasing his remix, causing an even larger amount of negative responses after the remix was removed from all social medias. People on social media such as “ @thatA1sauce” on twitter decided to voice their opinions tweeting things such as “Jacquees Trip quemix being taken down is a perfect example of people wanting to do good but not better than them”. Jacquees does remixes often, creating the name for his remixes as “Quemix”, in fact, Jacquees tweeted on October 1st “ ‘Jaded’ Quemix Today”, but why was his “Trip” Quemix trending as a topic on social media for the past few weeks? I decided to go out and ask you Mustangs how you felt about the “Quemix” and why you believe Ella Mai would force Jacquees to take it down, and here is what you had to say.

Madison Brown (Junior) said “I thought the Quemix was beautiful. Jacquees’s voice alone sounds amazing no matter what he’s singing.I think Ella Mai took down the song because technically Jacquees didn’t ask permission and he was beginning to get more views then her version and she had to stop before he began receiving compensation for basically copyright but I still think they overreacted”