ERHS Football Update

Katerina Avitia, Staff Writer

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Get ready mustangs, this years football  season is quickly coming to an end. Our boys varsity team truly has made this season one to remember. Each and every player plays their own unique role in making up the team. Within each team comes a family who works together, and plays together.

A couple weeks back, Roosevelt  struggled playing against Servite. That loss, however was turned into a victory the following Friday night at a home game in the mustang stadium when Roosevelt received their first home victory with a score of 41-6 over Alta Loma!

After catching up with Caleb Robinson he expressed his experience so far by saying “I feel like the season is going good so far, but we as a team can work on a couple things to get better.”

After questioning his opinion on what he enjoys most about playing for the school, his response was, “The one thing I  enjoy most of all in  playing for our school is the brotherhood and bonds we share as we’re all family”.

Our team’s outstanding performance and defense is undeniably great, and by working as a team, our Varsity team can hopefully continue to exceed our expectations and break records. Go Mustangs!