FBLA OAT Press Release

Katerina Avitia, writer

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On September 15th, The students involved in FBLA at Eleanor Roosevelt High School were able to participate and host the annual Officer Adviser Training Day. This event was a way for groups to be divided along with participating in different learning plans.

It allowed these students to expand their leadership skills and prepare for upcoming events. They also had the opportunity to practice new things such as asking for sponsorships along with receiving any information they would need for future references. Best of all, these students were able to discuss and complete any and all information and plans they had in mind. One including, their “March of dimes” fundraiser project.

Section historian and chapter president Sai Gorijavula was one of the many who was able to present during this conference. This student was given the time to participate and discuss how to apply for FBLA grants, and provided with information regarding the future of this program. This conference gave all of these students the opportunity to grow with the program and learn of the importance to work with others.  Also allowing further development in their leadership and communication skills. And preparing for future events and success for the years to come.