Jason Miller Accusations


Jason Miller

Noelle Rose Hardin, Writer

Jason Miller, a former staffer for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, has been accused of drugging a woman he supposedly got pregnant as a way to terminate the pregnancy.  This possible scandal came to light during Miller’s custody battle with a woman, A.J Delgado, trying to argue that Miller is mentally unfit to take care of their child. Delgado was informed by a well-credited journalist that Miller may have had a long-term sexual relationship with a stripper in Florida and when he found out she, “Jane Doe,” was pregnant with his unborn child, he slipped her an “abortion pill” which killed the fetus and nearly killed her.

According to Delgado, Miller had asked her to have an abortion when their son was conceived in 2016. When Delgado refused, Miller got angry and when she “refused to agree to terminate the pregnancy” and became “physically abusive towards” Delgado, as stated in the court documents on 14 September 2018.

If these allegations are proven to be credible, Miller could be found guilty of committing a felony by the following possible charges; “illegally obtaining an ‘abortion pill’; illegally administering said medication, administering medication to said individual unbeknownst to said individual; and causing death to an unborn child via forcibly induced abortion.” All listed in the official custody case documents.

This isn’t the only time Miller has been accused of beating a woman from Clearwater, FL around the same time Jane Doe was pregnant. This woman met with the aforementioned journalist on 22 June 2018 and recounted her relationship with Jason Miller. Miller has since resigned from being a CNN contributor to focus on these accusations.

Concerned student, Giuliana Berman, doesn’t believe that Miller is fit to be near his son with Delgado because “if you’re willing to kill for the sake of your own career and image, then you’re unfit to be a parent.” As an AP Government student, Berman actively participates in class discussions and was eager to provide her opinion on the accusations against Jason Miller.

Giuliana Berman

The result of the motion for the court to have Jason Miller psychologically evaluated stands by the Florida statute of rule 12.360, Examination of Persons.