Chinese Webnovels on the Rise

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Chinese Webnovels on the Rise

Cher Wang, Writer

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As each generation becomes more technologically savvy, the more the previous generation abandons books for digital alternatives online. In recent years, Chinese web novels and their popularity have soared quickly, in which the online community and  Chinese media have definitely taken notice of! For those who are unaware of these novels, and what exactly they entail, here’s a quick rundown on everything Chinese webnovels.

Chinese web novels are stories written online to the online community for everyone to enjoy a lively experience whether the setting be modern reality, futuristic outer space, ancient China or some other kingdom. There are many other categories of novels but there are three main genres of Chinese web novel literature: Xuanhuan (mysterious fantasy), Wuxia (martial heroes that achieve supernatural fighting abilities through cultivation), and Xianxia (Chinese folklore/mythology). To learn more about these genres, visit for more information.

Well, Chinese web novels have gained a lot of attention on the internet and people who know the Chinese language have started to translate these web novels for other fellow Chinese web novel enthusiasts to enjoy.

From the courtesy of Volare Novels, one of the biggest go-to sites have given us some insight about their beginnings of their sites and how it grew.

In addition to Volare novels, Rebirth Online World, another big Chinese web novel translation website, has added their thoughts about the growth of Chinese web novels.


Even the people of the Chinese web novel community have become inspired to write their own version of these novels on mainly Wattpad.

Such as @ChocoLily, a penname from Wattpad, she had created a book called The Dragon’s Flower and she talks about how Chinese web novels have shaped her work.

Along with another Wattpad user, penname @B1ackDiA, a university student and author of Miss Protagonist Vs Mr Protagonist also gave her thoughts on Chinese web novels.

And so, Chinese web novel community will continue to grow and hopefully, many more people  outside of the community can participate in enjoying these novels as well as reading them daily.