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Saints cheerleader suing NFL

After recently being fired from the Saints cheerleaders, a law suit came up against the NFL for the reasons she was fired for.

emily christensen

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Former New Orleans Saints Cheerleader filed a complaint to the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission exposing the hard and unfair aspects that are expected from these cheerleaders.

After being fired  for two reasons, the first being accused and the proved that she was at the same party as one of  the teams active football players. The other reason came later for posting a picture on social media is the New York times describes as a “one-piece outfit” to her private Instagram account.

From further investigations and interviews the restrictions the Saint cheerleaders are expected to follow are; set all social media accounts on private, block current NFL players on social media, no photos of them in saints gear posted, Cannot attend an unapproved event that a football player may be, leave any events if a active football player may show up, Limit conversations with the players to as the cheerleader choreographer and Baileys mom, Laura Davis, says ” Hello” and ” Good game.”

“If cheerleaders can’t contact the players, the players shouldn’t be able to contact the cheerleaders,” Sarah Blackwell, Bailey’s lawyer, told the Times. “The antiquated stereotype of women needing to hide for their own protection is not permitted in America and certainly not in the workplace.”

I went out to get some perspectives on the situation and two current cheerleaders shared their thoughts. At a gym in Riverside Ca, Gymnastique International, a college cheer team practices. Devyn Gately expresses how much these girls go through for such little outcome. ” Not only being limited while in uniform, but in their social life too? and  all just to cheer sideline for minimum wage, I will never understand that. I understand why they try though, being out there in front of all those people is so much fun and exciting.” standing with Devyn was another cheerleader, Chloe Patton, who backed up Devyn’s statement. ” We are in college competition cheer so we don’t get those crazy rules at all, but I cant imagine, I barley wear the right things to practice. I believe putting their behind the scenes lives out there was good but if its that  bad just quit.”

If these expectations are followed the cheerleaders can cheer at every home game making $10.50 a hour.



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Saints cheerleader suing NFL