Top Eight Best Keyblade Designs in Kingdom Hearts

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Top Eight Best Keyblade Designs in Kingdom Hearts

Marc Molina

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Kingdom Hearts has been one of my favorite video game series since I was a kid; probably when I was nine years old. I’ve always been fascinated by the various keyblade designs and their special abilities keyblade wielders can use. While Square Enix have made some goofy keyblades in past, Square Enix has made it up by creating unique keyblades wielded by Keybalde Masters and other characters in Kingdom Hearts. Almost every keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series share a connection and resemblance with whatever world you travel to. In better terms, the keyblades present themselves with a certain theme that match the characteristics with the world. Every keyblade wielder wields their own unique weapon; in order to receive a keyblade, you either have to visit shop and synthesize the weapon, or finish the objectives of a world and then receive the keyblade at the end.

Keyblades are powerful weapons that wield the power of either Light or Darkness depending on the wielder. The main power of the keyblade, is to seal or open the barriers between worlds, as well as to “lock” a world’s Keyhole, preventing the Heartless from attacking that world’s heart. Heartless are creatures that devour the hearts of people. As the name implies, in combat, keyblades are used in a manner similar to swords. Despite the fact that most possess no actual cutting edge, keyblades still make efficient combat weapons, and are shown to be particularly effective weapons against Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters. However, as a downside to this, the Heartless use the keyblade as a homing beacon, and thus keyblade wielders are at constant risk of Heartless attacks at any time.

The keyblades you see in this article will all be listed down from least to best designs and will all be judged from my perspective. If you happen to disagree with my Top Eight Best Keyblade Designs in Kingdom Hearts; please tell me in the comments below what keyblades you think should have been included in my article.

My father, Louis Molina says, “I do not know much about kingdom hearts, and what exactly are Keyblades. However, I must admit, the designs of these Keyblades are unique in there own shape and design.”








Number 8: Way To The Dawn


Number 7: Sleeping Lion


Number 6: Divewing



Number 5: Guardian Soul

Number 4: OathKeeper

Number 3: Oblivion


Number 2: Two Become One


Number 1: Master Keeper