My Top 5 favorite Hero’s To Play As In Overwatch

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After the launch in May 2016, Overwatch has been one of my favorite first-person shooter video games to play online. I personally enjoy playing the DPS (Damage Per Second) characters such as Reaper, Soldier 76, Sombra, Ashe, and sometimes Tracer; if I’m feeling lucky. Most of time when I play competitive with my friends or by myself, I’m usually the first one to pick a DPS character before anyone else does on my team. But, there are times when I’m fast enough, so I end picking a character from a different category. Mainly in the Support or Defense category, I hardly ever pick Tank. Here are my top 5 favorite characters to play in Overwatch.


Number 5: Ana    Ana in opinion, is one of the best healers you can have on your team, whether your playing Quick Play, Arcade, or Competitive. Her weapon is a sniper that heal your teammates with 75 HP for every shot you fire, and can inflict 70 damage on the enemy’s HP when coming into contact. Plus, Ana has an ability to throw a grenade at your teammates which can give them 100 HP; and that ability can be used against the enemy, inflicting 60 damage to their HP and prevents the enemy from regaining health for a short period of time. My favorite thing to do when playing as Ana is using her sleep dart ability, which can put one enemy to sleep before he or she can use their ability or ultimate. Plus, Ana’s ultimate, (A.K.A Nano Boost), can give one of your teammates a 50% damage increase and a 300 HP boost if their low on health or not. Ana in some ways is better than Mercy.   Number 4: Soldier 76   Soldier 76 is the most common character to use in Overwatch; in almost game I’ve played there’s either a Soldier on my team or the enemies. Soldier’s abilities allow to sprint with no limit, fire rockets, heal your teammates. Soldier 76 is both a healer and damage character, because of his abilities. Plus, his ultimate (A.K.A Tactical Visor) is an auto aim target finder that locks on to nearby enemies; and if a enemy escapes his site, he can lock onto another enemy in an instant. Soldier 76’s weapon is an assault rifle with 25 rounds in one magazine. That is enough ammo to kill an enemy with 200 HP, with or without his rockets.   Number: 3: Reaper   Reaper can sometimes be a difficult enemy to kill, and that’s why I like him. His weapon of choice are dual wield shotguns that inflict 42 to 140 damage per shot. Plus, Reaper has an ability to turns you into a shadow form; and  prevents you from taking any damage from the enemy. However, his second ability, known shadow step, is less effective. This ability allows you to teleport from 35 meters away from where you; but is extremely useless when taking down enemies. The only upside to this ability is the fact you can sometimes sneak up on the enemy and attack them from behind. Finally, Reaper has one of the most overpowered ultimate’s in the game compared to any other character. His ultimate (A.K.A Death Blossom), fires a tornado of shotgun pellets in under 3 seconds. Each pellet he fires can do 170 damage per second in under three seconds. Number 2: Ashe   After, Ashe came out in early November, I’ve been playing as her non stop in Quick Play and Competitive. Her abilities can be very effective against her enemies. One of her abilities can throw a pack of dynamite that inflict burning damage on her enemies; taking away 100 HP. My favorite voice lines of hers is, “ Burn it all down” and “Watch your language”. Her weapon of choice is a semi-automatic rifle with 12 rounds in each magazine. When aiming down sight, her weapon’s damage on an enemy becomes stronger compared to Widowmakers sniper. My only down side of Ashe is her ultimate, (A.K.A, Bob). Bob is a giant metal robot with 1,000 HP and a robotic rapid fire machine gun. But, has the weakest defense when he attacks his enemies.           

Number 1: Junkrat   Junkrat is my number one favorite hero to play in Overwatch, because he’s one of the most overpowered characters to go against in Quick Play and Competitive. Junkrat’s voice are so funny that I constantly use his phrase, “Anyone want some BBQ”; after I kill someone. His weapon of choice, The Frag Launcher; that when fired at an enemy or a group, it creates an explosion that does blank to the enemies HP. Plus, Junkrat’s abilities are a bear trap and two throwing bombs, that allow you to use them as a way to jump up in the air and use against your enemies. The bear trap can stop anyone from moving for a few seconds, once the rap has been activated. Also, Junkrat’s Ultimate, (A.K.A, Rip-Tire) can kill kill  an entire enemy team in close. In almost every game I play as Junkrat I get Play of the Game with or without using my Ult. The funniest Play of the Game cut scene of Junkrat is when he get hint the balls by one of his bombs.