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The Sierra Club pushes for societal changes and voices the current and increasing impacts of climate change.

Sierra Club Spotlight

October 26, 2019

Sierra Club Organization
Founded by the Scottish-American preservationist, John Muir, in 1892, the Sierra Club is an environmental organization that has originated in San Francisco and has spread all over the nation.

Here on the Eleanor Roosevelt Campus we introduced a new club called the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club is an environmental organization spread throughout the United States. Founded on May 28, 1892, in San Francisco, California, by the Scottish-American preservationist John Muir, the Sierra Club has grown immensely and the Sierra Club motto of “enjoy, explore and protect the planet” has reached far and wide across the United States. Fortunately, we were able to introduce an extension of the Sierra club here, on the Eleanor Roosevelt Campus, that brings awareness, educates and advocates for a healthy world.

When asking Julia Kenyon, a board member of the Sierra Club here at Eleanor Roosevelt on the purpose of the Sierra Club coming here to our campus, she states “We are an environmentalist organization advocating for the elimination of single-use items and encouragement of activities that decrease our carbon footprint.”

Furthermore, when asking Kenyon on future events and goals of this club, she states that “Currently we are focusing on the Trex Recycling Competition in which plastic film is being collected from individuals on campus in order to be sent to Trex, a company that recycles plastic film… and in the near future, we re planning hikes and river/beach clean ups.”

Janelle Mejia
The Sierra Club is active all over the United States and is filled with members who advocate for change and the health of our Earth.

Moreover, when asking Sriyansh Yarlagadda, the vice president of the ERHS Sierra Club, on what the club hopes to accomplish on campus, he hopes to be able to make ERHS a green ribbon certified school and work towards making our school more sustainable and environmentally aware. Kenyon further elaborates and states, “As far as the ERHS campus, we hope to petition for more water-refill stations on the main campus as this is promoting the usage of reusable water bottles as opposed to single-use, plastic ones that are a huge threat to ecosystems. In addition to this, we hope to reduce the amount of plastic used and food waste produced in the cafeteria in the future.”

Here on the Eleanor Roosevelt Campus we are fortunate enough to have a group of leaders who yearn to educate students and staff on how we can be the start to a healthier earth. With the implementation of the Sierra Club at Eleanor Roosevelt high school, they are able to target young minds and the future generations to make great changes to better our society and our planet.

Sriyansh Yarlagadda
ERHS Sierra Club executive board
Sriyansh Yarlagadda
ERHS Sierra Club captured their first nature hike at Pumpkin Rock, Norco CA
Sriyansh Yarlagadda
ERHS Sierra Club motto, “Enjoy, explore, and protect the planet.”



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