Yema Stais
WASSSSUHHHHHHHH, I am Marsaydí!!!!!! :)

I will most likely want to report on music, books, shows, politics, and events. I enjoy writing poetry...-writing period-. One of my many talents. *eye roll* A few facts about myself.....I am goofy, corny, and funny, which explains why I laugh at my own jokes... they are great. Um, I am extremely clumsy, I talk and ramble on if anyone is listening....-well I can ramble on to myself, but that is besides the you can see now, I am weird, random and all that good stuff. :0 I enjoy observing art (anything that is visually appealing, really), and I love MUSIC...- I listen to mostly anything from R&B, Pop, Hood, to Kpop...rock/hard metal is excluded-. I enjoy reading books and watching Netflix and Youtube Videos.

Yeahhhh, byee.


Marsaydí Jeffries, Editor and Writer

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