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Cher Wang
Hi, my name is Cher Wang, a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. This is my first time doing journalism on our Roosevelt Review so please take care of me.

So, you may have been wondering why I have an anime character next to me in my profile. So, this anime character is someone that represents me. This anime character is Ishida Shouya from the movie, Koe no Katachi, or The Silent Voice, who is a troubled boy who bullies a deaf girl to vent out his frustration from his family. The conflict he has within himself and the people around him made me feel like he was something worth relating to. If you watched this movie, some would say 'Did you actually bully someone?'

Well, the answer is, no.

I am someone who does have a sharp tongue, but that was when I was little. I used to be picked on by some kids but it was never like a full-on bullying session. I just happened to meet the wrong people at the wrong time. And so, I feel like I can relate to Ishida Shouya because I used to have an inner turmoil that was always bottled up inside me. It was something that, I felt, not many people would believe me and I felt like he was someone that portrayed me but under different circumstances.

We all do things that aren't meant to be taken seriously and when you grow up, you realize the things you do wrong and try to make up for it. It's human nature and the guilt we feel inside us. In the end, I do think that he and I mended a relationship that shouldn't be broken because you'll regret it afterward when that person is really close to you in your heart.

Cher Wang, Writer

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