New series and films coming to streaming services in the month of march

New shows and films coming this month


Alyah Wright, Journalist

This month there are so many new and exciting films and series that are coming out.

Here is a list of some of the most anticipated ones, starting off with TV series:

March 1:

“True Lies” -airs on CBS (watch on Paramount+)

March 3:

“Daisy Jones & the Six” Series (premieres on Prime video)

March 9:

“YOU” S4 Pt 2 (watch on Netflix)

“School Spirits” (watch on Paramount+)

*Honorary mention “The Last of Us” season finale premiers on March 12 (HBO max)*

March 16:

“Shadow and Bone” S2 (watch on Netflix)

March 17:

“Good Trouble” S5 (watch on hulu)

March 24:

“Up Here” S1 (watch on hulu)

March 25:

“Secrets of Sulphur Springs” (watch on Disney+)

March 26:

“Rabbit Hole” (watch on paramount+)

“Succession” S4 (watch on HBO max)

March 31:

“Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.” (watch on Disney+)


March 10:

“Luther the Fallen Sun” (watch on Netflix)

March 23:

“The Knight Agent” (watch on Netflix)

March 31:

“Murder Mystery 2” (watch on Netflix)

“Prom Pact” (watch on Disney+)

I talked to a few students to see what new film or series they were most excited to watch this month.

When I interviewed ERHS junior, Tina Wang, right away she told she was excited to see the new Scream movie coming to theatres March 10.

“I was so sad to have to wait till the very end of march to see it but when I found out they moved the date to the 10th I couldn’t wait to buy my tickets” Wang said.

Yes even though its not coming to a streaming service like all the other films and shows above, it still is coming out this month and who knows it may be on a streaming service soon.

When I interviewed junior Berlyn Ly, she wasn’t as fast paced to answer the question like Wang, but when I listed some of the new things coming out soon she said she would be interested in “Daisy Jones & the Six.” She was interested in it because she loves book adaptations so she wants to read the book before she watches it.

“I like comparing the book to the live adaptation versions and seeing the differences in it.” Ly said. So she’s definitely giving it a watch when she can.

This month has so many exciting movies and maybe next month will have even more exciting and anticipating. Maybe some of the new things on the list will interest you .Who knows maybe you may discover a new favorite series or film.