New shows coming on Streaming Services February 2023

New shows premiering in February


Alyah Wright, Journalist

This month so many highly anticipated and exciting TV series have been released, from “The Last of Us,” which is based on a very popular game and is now streaming on HBO Max to the “Wolf Pack” TV series on Paramount+ by the creators of the very popular “Teen Wolf” series.

But now this upcoming month of February also has so many exciting projects coming to our screens.

One is the Netflix series “Freeridge,” which is a spin-off of the very popular Netflix series “On My Block,” which has gotten mixed reviews from when it was first even announced. I’m waiting to watch it to have an opinion on it though.

“You” is a highly anticipated and popular show on Netflix with a new fourth season, part 1 is also coming out next month.

Another top-rated show on Netflix that is coming out with a new season next month is “Outer Banks.” Season 3 will also have a few new cast members and I’m personally really excited for this one.

Other new shows from various streaming services:
-“The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” S2, Feb.1 on Disney+
-Bel Air reboot S2,  Feb.23 on Peacock
-“Carnival Row” S2,  Feb.17 on Prime Video
-“Star Trek: Picard” S3,  Feb.16 on Paramount+
-“The Flash” S9,  Feb.8 on The CW/CW app
-“Harlem” S2, Feb.3 on Prime Video

I interviewed two Roosevelt students to see what shows they are most excited about this next month.

The one show junior Tina Wang said she was really excited about is “Outer Banks” season 3. When she found out it was coming out next month she got so excited.

“After season 2 came out I didn’t even know if Netflix would renew it,” Wang said. “Since they have been canceling so many good shows.” So when “Outer Banks” was on my list of new shows coming out next month, she got so happy she said she can’t wait.

Sophomore Rylie Diehl said that she has a few shows that she is most excited about. Coincidentally enough, just like Wang, she was excited to see “Outer Banks” season 3. Diehl shared she has been excited about “Outer Banks” ever since she saw Netflix’s Instagram post about it. But there are two other shows she is excited to hear are coming out next month.

One is “Freeridge,” since she binge watched “On My Block” back when the final season came out.  The other is “You” Season 4, part 1.

“Even though I’m a little behind on ‘You’ I’m gonna try to finish season 3 before season 4 part 1 comes out,” Diehl said.

I’m just excited for all the new shows and movies coming out this new year. If you’re like me, who loves watching TV shows and movies, especially on streaming services, it’s time to get excited for new material to binge watch.