Face Slapping is a Sport?

Elizabeth Meyer, Journalist

The sport Face Slapping originated in Russia. The rules for face slapping are; two men stand in front of each other and slap each other’s face with their bare hands with no head protection. Each person gets five face slaps to try and take down their appointment. Participants can not move their heads, step back or cover their faces.

The competitors earn points based on the hitting technique, their precision, and the impression of the slap left on the opponent.

To have a correct strike you’d need to have an open hand. The palm and root of the hand must hit the opponent at the same time.

Standing at 6’3 and 378lbs, face-slapping champion Dawld Zalewski from Poland is a three-time world champion. Zalewski became involved in the sport of face slapping when it came to the United States.

Zalewski has quickly become a sensation in the face-slapping community. He has gotten support from the Youtuber turned boxer, Logan Paul, as well as getting support from Arnold Schwarzenegger.


I spoke to ERHS student, junior Isolde Cledera to ask what she thought of face slapping.

“I would not participate in the face slapping sport because I would not like to have my face being slapped for a sport and I don’t like pain on my face,” Cledera said. “Face slapping a sport? Yeah no thanks, I prefer not to be slapped as hard as someone can slap me.”

Another ERHS student, junior Bella Flores said, “I would do it. It seems funny, yeah it’d hurt but think as if it’s someone you don’t like.”

“I’d play the sport for just that, I don’t care about the money,” Flores said.

Face slapping can is a tough sport to do, you can’t block your face while in other sports you can. I would not like to play in that sport. Would you?