Roosevelt Horror Stories


Ethan Jae Roberts, Club Writer/Entertainment writer

Seven Sinister Spirits

Story by Ethan J. Roberts

Humans–they travel every day, or perhaps every time they get a chance to. However, they might have to change their plans after hearing this true story.

Big Bear, located in the mountains of San Bernardino, is home to seven sinister spirits that haunt the mountains. It is said that three children died there first, their spirits wandering the mountains as of today; four teenagers who were camping went missing the very next morning. It remains unknown as to what happened to them, but the police speculated that they were killed some time around the night. Either way, the spirits lurk in the darkness of the night looking for Humans to stalk and kill.

A couple drove up to the mountains, thinking of nothing much but their love for each other. They’d often go on dates during the evening when both of their parents were working late. When they arrived at their cabin, they noticed that the lights began to flicker. Curious, the boyfriend began to investigate, using a flashlight to check the basement. He checked the lights and saw that some were broken; shrugging it off he went back upstairs.

The two watched a movie about spirits coming from the depths of hell to torment Humans. It was more of a corny movie than a horror story, but it scared the girlfriend. “I’ll get some popcorn,” she said, getting up and walking out of the room. The boyfriend watched his girlfriend vanish in the darkness of their kitchen.

About ten minutes later, he hears a blood curdling scream. Alarmed, he jumped up and ran to the kitchen, calling the girlfriend’s name. There was no answer. When the boyfriend arrived at the kitchen, there was no one there other than a telephone. It began to ring. Desperate for an answer from anyone, he picked it up. “Hello?”

Heavy breathing is heard, and so chills run down his spine. It was said that night that the couple were killed, but who knows what happened to them? What if they’re alive? What if the tale of seven sinister spirits was all a hoax? Or perhaps–what if the children and teenagers were still alive? Either possibility, all were once Humans who had a purpose; now they’re as good as dead.