Audreyville- Part 6

Audreyville- Part 6

Jacob Bryant

I was on the shower floor and tried to get up when the shower head burst off of the pipe, from what looked like blood that sprayed all over the bathroom. I screamed as loud as I could and heard my parents barge into my room, they tried to open the bathroom door but it was locked. A deafening scream came from behind me; my back was on fire, the shower stopped leaking and I sprung up from the shower floor and opened the door. My parents came into the bathroom they looked at all of the blood spread over the bathroom. I was balling my eyes out.

“Oh my God, Arthur,” my mom said, beginning to cry.

My back was in so much pain. I looked in the mirror and three huge scratch marks were on my back. I looked up at my dad and I passed out. I don’t know how long I was out for, but I woke up and I was in a hospital bed.  I looked to my left to see my dad sitting in a chair asleep.

“Dad,” I said trying to wake up.

He sprung out of the chair, “Thank you God, son are you okay?”

I looked at him, “No I’m not Dad. I’m scared for whatever is in that house is going to kill me,” I said with tears in my eyes. “Where are mom and Leila?” I asked.

“Your mom took Leila outside to get some from fresh air. Try to get some rest,” Dad told me.

The doctor came in to check on me, he said that he took some X-rays and I am completely fine.  We asked about the scratches and he said that in all of his years of being a doctor he has never seen anything like that.  I told dad that I need my phone, he gave it to me and I text Heather and asked if she could come by the house tomorrow. She replied lightning fast saying that she was already in town. She told me she assumed the worst when she didn’t hear back from me and came into town.

“Dad we need to head back to the house right now,” I said starting to get out of bed.

“Arthur you’re still recovering,” he said as mom starting to come into the room.

“The doctor said I was fine; I’m good,” I said getting my shoes on.

I left the room and waited for the rest of my family in the car. I checked my phone and I had several missed calls and texts, most of them from Alex.  I quickly shot a text to the group chat with my friends, I just told them I went to bed early and that’s why I didn’t respond.  I read the text messages from Alex, like my friends she was checking on me. I told her to be at my house in an hour. She said okay and we were on our way to the house, we pulled into the driveway and there was a random car parked right next to my car. My dad got out and spoke to the lady, it was Heather and a couple of other people. The rest of my family got out of the car to introduce ourselves.

“Arthur, thanks for calling. These are my associates, Thomas Kern, Phil Lopez, and Father Williams,” she said while pointing to them. “Nice to meet you,” she said introducing them to the rest of my family.

We all stepped in the house and went to the family area, I explained everything that has happened since we have moved in. I showed him where I had been scratched; the ones on my leg and the ones on my back, when he saw the ones on my back he did the Holy Trinity and said, “Those scratches are signs of a demonic presence in this home. Arthur you said most of the activity has been coming from your room?” he asked me.

” Yeah,” I said back.

“I would like to see your room,” he said motioning for us to get up.

We walked up the stairs to my room when I opened the door the father stopped in his tracks, “The entity has an attraction to this room,” he said as we went into the bathroom.

He walked in and starting saying a prayer in Spanish, the stench of death came from the shower. He looked overwhelmed as he left the bathroom. We all went back downstairs he sat us down and said, “Your house is infested with many different spirits- not all bad, but there is one that I am concerned about and like I told you earlier, what you are dealing with is a demonic entity specifically attached to you Arthur.”

” What do we do?” my mom asked in a concerned tone.

“Well this house needs a cleansing or more specifically an EXORCISM.”