WandaVision Episode 7 Breakdown

Spoiler Warning


Cayden Fisher

Seven episodes in and this has been the slowest episode WandaVision has released in the series, but per usual, the audience received much more knowledge of the reality Wanda has created.

This episode was influenced by ABC’s (Disney owned tv network) most successful tv series, “Modern Family.” As the episode progresses, Pietro seems to be missing or isn’t shown. We find Wanda lying in her bed still in her classic Scarlet Witch costume with the twins telling her that their game is glitching out. The next scene is with the twins playing their Wii as it turns into a Nintendo 64, then an Atari and finally UNO, showing the glitch must not be a technological one, but a glitch in reality itself.

Billy and Tommy’s game changing

Throughout the first minutes of the episode, we see everything glitching out as she’s slowly losing her mind. Billy then tells Wanda that his head is starting to hurt and is really noisy, referencing his powers are getting more and more powerful and starts picking up the thoughts of other people in town.

We then see the new intro play which is just like “The Office,” another popular show of the early 2010s.

Chell, a student at ERHS and watcher of the series exclaimed her excitement stating, “it’s cool seeing my favorite modern shows on WandaVision.”

Outside the Hex we find S.W.O.R.D setting up their temporary retreat and we get a good view on how big the Hex got from the last episode. We find out that they no longer have a broadcast signal so they’re no longer able to monitor what goes on inside the Hex. We jump back into the Hex to see Vision waking up in the field where he was left in episode 6, right outside the old S.W.O.R.D base which has been turned into a circus. All the S.W.O.R.D agents are in character as circus performers as well as Darcy that got caught in the expansion of the Hex.

Vision then awakens Darcy and they take off, away from the circus trying to get back to his house. Wanda then starts to have a full-on mental breakdown in front of the twins, as if on cue Wanda opens the door without saying anything and Agnes walks in. Agnes suggests that she could take the kids to let Wanda have some alone time and once the kids leave everything around her starts to glitch.

Outside the Hex, Monica and Jimmy learn that Hayward was indeed trying to use Vision’s body as a weapon. We finally meet the secret engineer that Monica was in touch with, who was Major Goodner, which is, as Kyle, an avid watcher of the series states, “a total letdown that it wasn’t a big cameo as everyone suspected it would be Mr. Fantastic.”

Monica then tries to use the vehicle they built to get into the Hex, but ultimately fails, she then realizes that all she has to do is push her way through. As she goes through the Hex field, we see her powers start to manifest as she fully transitions to one of her comic book characters.

Monica Rambeau Powers

Monica then runs over to Wanda’s house trying to explain to her that Hayward wanted to use Vision as a weapon. Wanda’s resentment for Monica surfaces as Wanda’s anger gets the best of her and attacks Monica. Monica then briefly uses her powers as Wanda throws her to the ground. Agnes Interrupts the moment and leads Wanda from her and Monica having a standoff.

Inside Agnes house Wanda can tell that something is not right, everything is super creepy. She asks where the kids are as the house is abnormally quiet and Agnes replies that they’re in the basement. Inside the creepy basement we see that her kids are nowhere in sight. Agnes then comes in to reveal herself and that Wanda isn’t the only magic girl in town.

Agnes tells Wanda that she is really Agatha Harkness and then mind controls Wanda. We then get an intro for Agatha that she was the one behind everything since the beginning.

Chell added, “I’m not surprised she was behind every big twist and moment, even behind the false Pietro.”

They make it that Agatha is the main villain right now, but it seems like she is working with more powerful characters. For the first time we get a mid credits scene, wherenwe see Monica trying to enter Agatha’s basement and gets caught by the False Pietro, but we only get a reaction out of Monica.

Kyle added, “there are now bigger questions for the series, like what happened to the kids and who really is the false Pietro.”

Hopefully the next episode will give us more information on what is going on.